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Siloam Hospitals Group (Siloam) is the leader in integrated healthcare services in Indonesia. Currently, Siloam operates 20 hospitals with a total capacity of more than 3,900 beds, 1,800 doctors (including more than 1,400 specialists) and more than 4,400 nurses and allied health personnel. Siloam’s philosophy is underpinned by a strong vision and a business strategy centered on a 4 pillar foundation which enables its hospitals to provide equitable and affordable access to holistic quality care across all socio economic segment of the population in Indonesia.

Siloam has been widely recognized in the market for its quality healthcare standards and innovative clinical services by receiving several international and domestic awards for excellences, including the prestigious JCI accreditation. Siloam’s collaboration with the Mochtar Riady Institute of Nanotechnology (MRIN) and the Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) Faculty of Medicine and School of Nursing as part of a Triumvirate Universitas Pelita Harapan Medical Sciences Group (UPHMS) is unique to Indonesia and demonstrates Siloam’s commitment to creating sustainable healthcare services.

  • Bones (Orthopaedics)
  • Eyes (Ophthalmology)
  • Brain & Nerve (Neurosciences)
  • General Surgery
  • Cancer (Oncology)
  • Internal Medicine
  • Emergency
  • Kidneys (Nephrology)
  • Heart & Vascular (Cardiology)
  • Lungs (Pulmonology/ Respiratory)
  • Urinary & Reproductive System (Urology)
  • Stomach & Digestive System (Gastroenterology)
  • Children (Paediatrics)
  • Women (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
  • Ear, Nose, & Throat (Otolaryngology)

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